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Believers Never Die Tour: Part Deux. April 3, 2009 in Phoenix, AZ at the Mesa Amphitheatre.
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I hate when a person says they’ve had a bad day and everyone, instead of trying to cheer them up, enters a competition of who’s had the shittest life

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Just put on dark lipstick and act like nothing happened

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April 2nd 2014: Leaving her apartment in New York
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i wish i could say “?????????” in real life it would be very useful

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Not really feelin this whole school college work until I die thing

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Hello friend, are you having a bad night?





Here is a live kitten feed

Here is a live puppy feed

Here is a live penguin feed

Here is a live English Bulldog puppy feed

Here is a live parakeet feed

Here is a live sea otter feed

Here is a live panda feed

Here is a live calf feed

Here is a live chick feed

Here is a live sloth feed

*turns on adorable animal feeds and gives you soft pillows and blankets*


this will vastly improve my life.

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